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5 Reasons to become a ‘Plus-Starter’ Entrepreneur

April 26, 2017 Leave a comment

What is a 'Plus-Starter'? A Plus-Starter is someone aged 50+ starting a business. Many people in this age bracket feel they have much more to give and are starting a business but, why now? Couldn't you sit back and enjoy your days of golf outings, coffee mornings and free time?

Well, apart from the customary motivating factor of being your own boss, here are 5 Reasons for someone aged 50+ to start a business:

1. Follow your passion

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What is the Smart Ageing Community?

April 05, 2017 Leave a comment

What is Smart Ageing?

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Starting a Business in the Digital Age

February 07, 2017 Leave a comment

For older entrepreneurs, one of the big concerns with starting a business is that they can feel somewhat left behind in the ever-progressing digital age. You know that the work you do can be as good as anyone else’s, but what if nobody ever hears about you? What if you can’t keep track of all the new types of engagement that are suddenly thrust upon you? Here, we have put together the essential online toolkit for all new business that are looking to keep up with their modern customers.

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Over 50? It’s Time to Start a Business

February 01, 2017 Leave a comment

It’s a new year (newer than last last year anyway), and a new opportunity to start a business!

When you’re an older entrepreneur, you come armed with advantages that are difficult for younger people to accrue. The main weapon in this arsenal is the wisdom that life affords you. The potential for success of over 50’s in creating start-ups is supported by a study presented by the Kauffman’s foundation called ‘The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur.’ In this they state that there is “Twice as many successful entrepreneurs are more than 50 as under 25.”

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Co-Working in Limerick - The Smart Ageing Innovation Exchange is open.

January 22, 2017 Leave a comment

Co-Working won’t be a word in the future, it will probably be just the way we work. One of the core missions in ISAX is supporting people who want to stay working longer and set up their own business. The Smart Ageing Innovation Exchange can offer a unique opportunity to Entrepreneurs Aged 50+ and to people of any age with a Business in the Smart Ageing Economy.

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10 Reasons Why People Fear a Start-up and How to Overcome them

January 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Do you want to break Free?

It’s that time of year when unrealised ambitions come to the fore in people’s minds. It reminds me of that great Queen song “I want to break free!” Freedom is something we all wanted in our teenage years; to carve our own path in life. But, for the majority of us, we adapted, followed our parents, teachers or friends career advice and followed the most secure route.

I meet so many people in my career transition coaching sessions who tell me they would love to have a go and start their own enterprise at some stage in their life, but something always holds them back.

So what really holds us back from breaking free and having a go at a start-up? Here are the most common reasons I hear in coaching sessions. But as someone who struggled with many of these issues until I started Harmonics when I was 40, I have also added remedies that may help you overcome them:

Here are my Top Ten reasons why people fear a start-up and how to overcome them:

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