Over 50? It’s Time to Start a Business

Posted by Brian Tighe on 01-Feb-2017 16:59:13

It’s a new year (newer than last last year anyway), and a new opportunity to start a business!

When you’re an older entrepreneur, you come armed with advantages that are difficult for younger people to accrue. The main weapon in this arsenal is the wisdom that life affords you. The potential for success of over 50’s in creating start-ups is supported by a study presented by the Kauffman’s foundation called ‘The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur.’ In this they state that there is “Twice as many successful entrepreneurs are more than 50 as under 25.”

Despite this evidence, when an entrepreneur is depicted in film or TV, they are often a fresh faced, rosy-cheeked go-getter who is eager to make a million on their first venture. We know all entrepreneurs aren’t this 20-35 years old millennial who wears flip-flops to work and carries 2 phones and a tablet everywhere they go. There are many who are older adults with great experience that are serial entrepreneurs or have just had a great idea for a business later in life.

It can be a daunting to start a brand new business at any age. However, I can assure you, there has never been a better time to do so. We have seen some fantastic businesses come out of our ‘Ingenuity – Start your Own Business’ programmes. Some of these enterprises were just ideas when they began the course and have since developed into full concepts.

Our graduates now leave with a clear and defined strategy for success. A wide array of business owners graduated from our course in 2016 including ‘Text On’ heating appliances, Inner Inspiration - inspiring children to build their own self-esteem, Conversation Salons and Ireland’s only Alpaca miller.

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