Senior Fellowship Programmes - opportunity to try your hand at new things !

Posted by Aine Phelan on 03-Oct-2017 14:41:16


Opportunity to use
the accumulated skills, experience and wisdom of a lifetime to try your hand at new things. Read on to find out how....!

ISAX (Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange) has launched the first Senior Fellowship Programme in Ireland. It is aimed at those transitioning from their mainstream career, but not yet ready to retire;  those who would relish the opportunity to apply their accumulated expertise and life experience to the ‘smart ageing start up’ world’.  ISAX has developed a network of Start-Up and early stage companies targeting the older consumer and participants in the programme will be ‘matched’ with those companies who would benefit most from their expertise. 

Speaking at the launch of the Programme, Anne Connolly, CEO ISAX said: ‘We are looking for individuals with a lifetime of experience coupled with energy and the enthusiasm to be part of our network of rapidly expanding start ups. Participants will be based in Dublin or Limerick where we have just opened ISAX House, 50+, O Connell Street and will get to work across a range of exciting projects. Participants don’t get paid, but get an opportunity to be of real value, to learn about a different world and who knows, this could result in an exciting and very different ‘encore career’.  Participants get an interesting addendum to their CV and to join a network of like-minded people enjoying a similar experience.’ 

Neville Bourke, Founder Bourke Human Resources said: ‘Retirement is a concept that is being redefined. The idea that we would draw down the shutters on a career and opt out of the world of work and business as if we had no more to contribute is increasingly outdated. Many of us neither want to, nor can afford to retire and are rejecting retirement as "the end". As we live and stay healthier for longer, we want to stay involved for longer. We want to continue to contribute to the best of our ability. We do not want to "be retired". In short, many of us want an 'encore career' where we can use the accumulated skills, experience and wisdom of a lifetime to try our hand at new things.’

Anne Connolly, CEO, ISAX added: ‘Staying involved as we age can be difficult to achieve. The ISAX Senior Fellows Programme is one way in which people aged 50+ can stay involved. By harnessing the experience of a lifetime and matching it to the skills and experience gaps in the Start-up and Early Stage network of companies in the smart ageing world, those aged 50+ are a valuable talent resource to those companies working directly on issues affecting smart ageing".

The Senior Fellowship Programme at ISAX is intended to support those recently retired or approaching retirement who are keen to put their lifetime experience to use and embrace the excitement a new start up has to offer.

To find our how you can get involved in one of our Senior Fellowship Programmes, please email or call +353 61 317578.