What is the Smart Ageing Community?

Posted by Siobhradh Fraser on 05-Apr-2017 16:59:49

What is Smart Ageing?

“Smart ageing is a broad concept that has been defined as ‘using technology and innovation in both the public and private sectors to produce products, services, solutions, and systems to improve the quality of life of people ages 50 +”.

Programme of Actions for Smart Ageing - Department of an Taoiseach

Published 2016.

What is Smart Ageing Community?

At the very core of ISAX is our most important community, the Smart Ageing Community. This is a group of people aged 50+ from all walks of life who are interested in;

  • Contributing their accumulated life experience, wisdom and insights
  • Helping develop better products and services for all of us
  • Improving market knowledge of the 50+ demographic

The fast-growing community Is a valuable resource for companies, government agencies and academic researchers when imagining a near future with an increasingly older demographic.

Have you ever bought a new remote control and struggled with the buttons size or instructions for installation? Have you ever wondered what a company was considering when designing a product or service that just does not work for your needs?

Your voice can be heard! The Smart Ageing Community is a forum in which consumers age 50+ are consulted about a variety of issues including new technologies, health services and products, banking and much more. 

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