Connect Engage Reward-1.pngSmart Ageing Community

At the very core of ISAX is our most important community, the Smart Ageing Community. It is quick and easy to join and membership is free! 

This is a group of people aged 50+ from all walks of life who are interested in;

  • Contributing their accumulated life experience, wisdom and insights
  • Helping develop better products and services for all of us
  • Improving market knowledge of the 50+ demographic

If this sounds like you, join now and be heard!


[fa icon="plus-square"] What is this Community?

The ISAX Smart Ageing Community is a group of 1000 + people aged 50 and over from all walks of life who are interested in contributing their accumulated life experience, wisdom and insights to helping develop better products and services for all of us as we age.

They are a valuable resource for companies, government agencies and academic researchers when imagining a near future with an increasingly older demographic.

Members of the community will be consulted about a variety of issues ranging from health services and products, to transport, housing, leisure opportunities, technology, banking and much more. Some will be still working, others former teachers, architects, nurses, care workers, have worked in selling or health services. This is a huge pool of untapped talent and expertise.

They will be asked to contribute their views and ideas for how things could be better in a range of different ways: through 1:1 interviews, participating in surveys, discussion groups and creative design workshops. Sometimes they might be ask to trial new products – test new nutritional food products for taste or try out new furnishings, technologies or applications at home.

ISAX’s Smart Ageing Community will be sourced from retirement organisations, professional associations, golf clubs, bridge groups, shared interest societies, church groups. We want to be confident that our selection of participants will ensure balanced representation and diversity. Initially, this panel will be around 200 in number but we plan to grow to 1,000 in time.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Why is it called a community?

We call it a Community as it provides a real sense of belonging to an important group of people, that others want to consult. Members are invited to participate and in return for giving of their time, expertise and experience they have the opportunity to help ‘frame’ what they see as the real problems and barriers to people living full and independent lives; they will also be able to participate in designing better solutions. They will learn much, through the studies they participate in and will be regularly brought together to get updates and information about a range of new developments.

We in ISAX will also regularly consult with them to find out what is of value to them – what would they like in exchange for participating in these projects.

We want them to enjoy their participation in the process and know that their contribution is valued. Mostly, we want to hear what they think!

[fa icon="plus-square"] Why is it needed?

The fastest growing consumer group in the 21st century are people over the age of 60. In the western world, birth rates are falling but people are living longer giving rise to a new cohort of older adult consumers.

At Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange (ISAX), we think it is important to value the opinion and insight of older consumers. It is a hallmark of the way our organisation works and thinks. All too often, the over 55s are seen as one group but we know that they are a diverse bunch of people with very different experiences and expectations as they age.

This deeper insight into the lived lives of older adults will give product developers an understanding of how new products and services might impact on those lives.

For companies interested in engaging in the smart ageing economy, they now have the benefit of market research before trialing new products to target this group. For academics, access to a community of older adults is very desirable when applying for research funding and makes their research much easier. For government agencies, they can use the intelligence offered by the older consumer when considering improvements in public services.